Tips for authors

Text publication terms and conditions

Text publishing principles:

Authors submitting their papers to “Literary Memoir” are requested to enclose a statement confirming that

  1. The papers have previously been neither published nor sent for publication in other periodical/collected volume,
  2. When referring in the article to ideas, conceptions, principles, methods and fragments of texts by other authors, the names and works’ titles of the aforementioned authors are clearly referenced.

Provided such dishonesty is revealed, competent authorities shall be notified.

Once the papier is accepted for publication and designed for a given issue, the authors are requested to sign a form to give the Institute of Literary Research, The Polish Academy of Sciences, the owner of the journal, a non-exclusive, free-of-charge, licence to access their work for non-commercial purposes, namely a single publication in “Literary Memoir,” as well as to place their work on the journal website and in electronic databases.

Technical tips

Technical indications for authors:

  1. Papers should be submitted in an electronic form:
    a) file format: doc, docx, rtf;
    b) font: Times New Roman; main text: 12 p., placing quotations, footnotes, legends/captions: 11 p., 1,5 interline spacing;
    c) justified texts, indent 1,25 (do not use tab and spaces);
    d) traditional footnote style at the bottom of the page (not Harvard style);
    e) inserting numbers (for chapters, points) do not use automatic but manual numbering;
    f) do not use titles of sections and styles;
    g) do not use page or section separation characters.
  2. Author’s affiliation should be followed in the text by the author’s name.
  3. Summary (in Polish, and possibly in English) should be: – for articles: up to 900 characters (spaces included), – for reviews: up to 500 characters (spaces included).
  4. Provide a few (up to 5) keywords.
  5. Reviews should be given titles.
  6. Address and telephone number should be attached to the file.

    Printouts and CDs sent by post are not returned.

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