Radosław Grześkowiak

“Zwyczajem kawalerów ziemskich postępuje z nią Oblubieniec” (“In earthly suitors’ customary manner Betrothed proceeds with her”). Initial Dedication of Aleksander Teodor Lacki’s “Pobożne pragnienia” (“Devout Desires”) as Author’s Project of Reading Herman Hugo’s Emblems
Poems on Drawings as a Dominant of Symeon of Połock’s Polish Output
Part 1: From a Fable about an Old Man, a Boy and a Donkey to a Donkey Parable of Human Body
“Przywiodą w swą miarę, co się wykroczyło [Lead to its value what was contravened]”
Tradition of Jan Kochanowski’s Piece “Zgoda”(“Harmony”) and Its Proper Letter
An Anonymous Emblematic Work Based on Anton Wierix’s “Cor Iesu Amanti Sacrum” Cycle of Prints from the Second Half of 17th Century
Recovered Text of “Maszkary mięsopustne i powszechne, przy tym Kłoda popielcowa z Parnasu” (“Shrove Tuesday Masks and Common Masks, and also Ash Wednesday Wood Log from Parnassus”) by Stanisław Serafin Jagodyński
On the Pestilential Context and Two Ancient Readers of a 16th C. Edition of Polikarp’s Dialogue
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