Krzysztof Obremski

“Mother of God”: Spatiotemporal Structure and Poetic Picture
Stalin, Panegyrists, and the Law of Quantitative Changes into Qualitative Ones
Battle and Hunting in Gallus Anonymous’s “Polish Chronicle.” Human World Relation to Animal World
Space-Time Construction in Wespazjan Kochowski’s “Psalmodia polska” (“Polish Psalmody”)
Toruń Wedding Riddles: Comparisons – Imagery – Morality
Two Books on Sarmatism
Review: Krzysztof Koehler, Palus sarmatica. Warszawa 2016. – Jacek Kowalski, Sarmacja. Obalanie mitów. Podręcznik bojowy. Warszawa 2016
Calvinistic Speech Fraught with Hatred: Vilnius between 1581–1582 and “Apologeticus”
Zamarła Turnia, the Skotnica Sisters and Developing Equivalence: On Julian Przyboś’s “From the Tatras” (“Z Tatr”)
Was Piotr Skarga Actually a Prophet of “the Fall of Poland and Post-Partition Misery”?
Review: Danuta Künstler-Langner, Anioł w poezji baroku. Dzieje postaci w kulturze dawnej Europy. Toruń 2007
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